VCT Tile

Is the office break-room in need of a detailed scrub? Are you tired of customers not knowing if your choice of tile color was dirt brown or oil-streak black? Are your grocery floors lacking that shine and glass-like quality they use to have? Just say the word and we will be your floor cleaning experts!

Carpet Deep Scrub

Did Tina spill her coffee on the brand new office carpet? Were you hoping to host the district office Christmas party, but realized the conference room carpet needed to be cleaned? No problem! From full detailed carpet scrubs, to spot-cleaning, we are your carpet cleaners. 

Concrete Polishing

Certified in concrete grinding and polishing, Clear Image is one of the only companies in Grand Rapids to provide a complete concrete remodel. Our three-step process is guaranteed to rejuvenate old washed out concrete into a peppered-rock masterpiece.